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Welcome to Alliance in Motion Global Kenya

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Hello I am Coach Rojie Jardio. I am the owner of the this website & one of the International Speakers. I am one of Business Tycoon & Top Leader of Alliance In Motion Global the #1 MLM.Worldwide. I am currently here where the Head Office is Manila, Philippines. But I keep coming back to Papua New Guinea to give further advice and help in building their business. Looking forward as well in coming their in your current country especially in Kenya.

I am earning six figures per week income as a Global Ambassador & Millionaires Club Member. I am also part of our company's House Achiever and Car Achiever in just 4 years doing the business. For the past 4 years, I have been a consistent TOP 100 awardee out of the 10 million business members worldwide. We created 10,000+ of Millionaires in the past 14 years.

And now we are expanding our business in Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Fiji, Rwanda, Timore Leste, Solomon Islands, Ghana, Nigeria Uganda, Vanuatu, and Pakistan. We are expanding fast in Kenya because of our proven and life changing business plan.

You are very lucky! We are part of Mavericks International, the biggest group in the company & we are being mentored by the Top 1 Earner Worldwide. We have the 30 days Program for you to earn KES 800,000 in 30days.

My goal is to make you a the next Country Leader & soon Top Earning Leader in Kenya. And in within a  year time, you will belong in the TOP 10 of AIM Kenya. Welcome to Mavericks International!


It is the greatest advantage on your part if you will join directly to me because first, you will be included in my TOP Core key leaders.  So, I will teach you how to become an international leader not just in Kenya but all over the world. I am confident enough to guide you because I am an international leader.

Second, this company is originated in the Philippines and I am also from the Philippines. I am trained here by the owners of the company Doc. Ed Cabantog, Mr. John Asperin, and Engr. Francis Miguel.  I will teach you all the learning that I learned from our owners so that you will become successful in a short span of time.


Here are some FACTS about the business:

-AIM GLOBAL has been existing for 14 years already
-AIM GLOBAL is only few years in Kenya meaning we are just starting!
-AIM GLOBAL has over 10 million members worldwide business partners
-AIM GLOBAL daily pay-out with a high commission rate
-AIM GLOBAL legally registered with Kenya government
-AIM GLOBAL has an office in Nairobi Kenya.



Remember, if it became possible to them. It might happen to you as well. Take note, it will be a great advantage to you if you will be part of my fast growing business team because I will be your personal Business Mentor & Coach. Experience is the best teacher but you will succeed faster if you have a successful mentor already. I can guide you in every step of your business career since I am duly recognized as part of the Millionaire’s Club. I will be the one to teach you how to become the next Millionaire of our company. I am also one of the International trainers of AIM, who goes around the world to train our distributors on how to become successful in this business. We will work hand in hand in building your business team not just in Kenya but also in other countries as well.


Do something that will make you better!

2020 is the great year with great Opportunity here in AIM GLOBAL! Bigger Better Bolder! 


Our flagship product C24/7 the "Everything in 1" supplement it has 140 of the most effective ingredients for cleansing the body, increase energy, protection, boost immune system and prevent disease. Even help healing in diabetes and cancer.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 11_21_28 AM_pn

I am a Professional Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Industrialist. I train, coach and mentor people who want to start their own businesses (part-time) and help them earn additional INCOME outside of what they are currently doing right now. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of time to chat my friend, but it is very important for me to reach you. Let me ask you a question. I know you are open my friend to learn other ideas that can possibly add cash flow for you that you can do in your free time.


How to become a member of

AIM Global Uganda?

To be a License member of this company just purchase a package that’s fit to your budget.

Option C - Starter Package =

KSH 26,888 (1 Account)

Option B - Entrepreneur Package =

KSH 80,664 (3 Accounts)

Option A - International Package =

 KSH 188,216 (7 Accounts)

1 3 7 options.png



• KSH 41,550 - KSH 290,850 worth of products

•Business Kit/ Brochure

•25%-50% Discount on the Products

•DTC ( Distributor’s tracking Center)

•VISA ATM Processing Via Banco De Oro

•Inheritable Global Business Potential Income of:

• up to KSH 76,800 - KSH 537,600 per day

We are Turning Ordinary People Into and Extra-Ordinary Millionaire

Alliance in Motion Global has been existing for more than 14 years in the market and was able to create more than 10,000 multi-millionaires from different walks of life worldwide in just a very short span of time. We always make sure that each of our members are equipped with the right knowledge in doing the business for their personal advancement through free seminars, hands-on trainings and online trainings.


Here are the Basic Ways to

Earn here in AIM Global

I will discuss with you the 3 basic ways to earn here though we have 7 ways to earn you will learn the rest as you do the business.

1. Selling (but not mandatory) - No are given 20% up to 50% profit on all products.
 Direct Referral Bonus - you will receive KSH 1,800 to each person who will come and join u. So if you have 10 people you will receive instant cash of KSH 18,000
Match Sales Bonus - you will receive KSH 4,800 in every 2 persons who come and join you.

First Way is Retailing or Selling

1. Selling (but not mandatory) - No are given 25% profit on all products.

This means that once you become an official member here at Aim Global you can avail our lifetime discount of 25% on all products. 

This will be your discretion if you want to sell or not. If you like selling then the more profit you can make. 

We have no Quota that's why you are not obliged to sell.

You can sell anytime you want but you are not obliged to do so. You may sell or you may not. That means no pressure.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 7_57_10 PM.web

Second Way is Direct Referral Bonus


DIRECT REFERRAL BONUS means you will get KSH 1,800 if you have direct recruit as you can see on the picture. So if you recruit someone who comes and joins you, you will receive KSH 1,800 earnings right away which will reflect to your Aim Global account. So let's say IF you have 10 recruits? then you will earn KSH 18,000  for the 10 people who come and join you.


Third Way is Match Sales Bonus

The third way of earning is called the Match Sales Bonus. This is the best way of earning in AIM Global. Once you become a member, you will have right and left business team, we follow a very simple formula:


1 MATCH = KSH 4,800

For every 2 friends that will join, you will earn KSH 4,800

As a Business Team, we will also help your friends / new business partners to have 2 partners too so that they will also earn KSH 4,800 just like you.

And for every 2 friends that will join them, you will earn KSH 4,800 and will continue to multiply as your team grow too.

The best thing with our hybrid binary system is that you can earn daily profit income of KSH 4,800 to KSH 76,800 from indirect referral matches. If your business leader invited people who purchased their own package, you will earn another KSH 4,800 as Matching Bonus without any effort. Just remember 1 left + 1 right = KSH 4,800.

So you get non stop KSH 4,800 whenever your downliners or members under you gets people also to register under them. Every time someone registered in your left and right. You get KSH 4,800 / 4,800 / 4,800.


This is how much you can earn when each of your downlines brings at least 2 EACH only in 1 year. Just follow the 2x2 Strategy (Get 2 to Get 2)


I highly recommend that you go for MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS, the TOP SECRET of TOP EARNERS, why we earn millions in just a short span of time. See the difference in potential income daily, weekly and monthly... You can choose from 1 Account, 3 Accounts and 7 Accounts. It is like good, better and best. 7 Accounts being the best.

1 3 7 options.png

I would like to share with you one of my secret why I became successful in this business in a very short period of time. I want to tell you the easiest and fastest way to earn big daily profits in this business. I rarely share this to my new clients but because I consider you as a potential Country Leader of AIM Kenya, I will teach you how to do it. This system is the reason why I was awarded as part of the TOP 500 out of the 5 million members worldwide of the company for 4 consecutive years and all of the top earners also applied this system. Now, I want you to review this earning potential. Option A International Builder Package or 7 accounts is ZMK 24,500.

7 accounts best investment.png

Why go for Option A? (7 Accounts) Simply because with the same effort and time, same number of registrations and packages sold under you, YOU will earn bigger with International Builder Package! Not to mention the you will get a immediate return of invest a total of KSH 325,650!


1 Account (Starter Package) VS. 7Accounts (International Builder Package)

Look at the illustration below. Both Option C and Option A have 28 downlines on their left business team and 28 downlines on their right business team. But look at the BIG DIFFERENCE in the profit or income.


Option C Starter Package only earned KSH 134,400.


Option A International Builder Package, on the other hand, earned a whopping KSH 403,200!

Keep in mind that we are only talking about 28 downlines on the left and 28 downlines on the right. Just imagine if we start comparing their income if they have 200 downlines on their left and 200 downlines on their right.

advantage of 7 accounts.png

Big difference right!!  Which do you prefer to do?
Working hard or working SMART?

Most people who understood our business plan are already members now and even decided to go for Option A International Builders Package (7 Accounts). Most people who went for Option A are now earning profits repeatedly and most of them have experienced a big difference in their families’ lives as well. 

Let me know when you are done reading our business plan. Take your time to read for every information are vital or important to achieving a better understanding to succeed in this business. 


Get the chance to travel to your favorite destinations worldwide

  • Our company does not only compensate you through cash but also through our travel incentives.

  • We give travel incentives to more than 1,000 successful business partners each year.

  • you don't have to worry about the accommodation expenses because we got it covered for you



Thousands have already made it. 
You might be the next one!

  • AIM Global can provide you essential trainings to help you make it to the top

  • You will be guided by proficient leaders so that you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge on how to do the business effectively.

  • Your first million will be possible through our proven and effective system.

Watch the success story of the Visionary team from Africa

We are here to guide and support you towards YOUR success!

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